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Summary History Virginia

- history virginia
- Mr.Daniel Boyers
- 2017 - 2018
- luna
- History
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A snapshot of the summary - history virginia

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  • Virginia is the _____________ largest state according to the 2013 census.
  • the Virginia state motto is what?
    sic semper tyrannis
  • The ________ ___________ is one of Virginia's most important geographical features.
    fall line
  • Which of the following is true of the Blue Ridge region of Virginia?
    relies on agriculture and tourism as primary industries
    features the Shenandoah national park
    Roanoke is the "capital of blue ridge"

  • The three peninsulas of Virginia are the following:
    the ____ Neck
    the _____Neck
    the ______Neck
  • From north to south, name the 4 major Virginia rivers:
     the _____River
     the ____River
     the _____River
     the ____River

    Rappahannock york
  • In ______, King James revoked the Virginia Company's charter and made Virginia a royal colony.
  • The Virginia House of Burgesses was established by the...
    great charter of 1618
  • Match the Native American people group with its primary area of occupation:
    1. Algonquian
    2. Iroquoian
    3. Siouan
    1. coastal plains
    2. piedmont and blue ridge
    3. western and southern virginia
  • The  most dominant Algonquin tribe was the...

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