Summary: History

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  • 2.3 the rise of Mussolini and Hitler

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  • What strengthened Mussolini and other war veterans in the idea that Italy needed a new political movement?

    Italy was faced with a huge debt, unemployment and social unrest (much discontent) 
  • What was Mussolini's goal as leader of the National Fascist Party?

    Make Italy powerful again and rebuild the Roman Empire in effect.
  • How did Mussolini want to achieve his goal?

    He had to turn Italy into a totalitarian state with himself as the leader. ( il Duce)
  • How did Mussolini become the new Prime Minister?

    The Italian parliament and king feared a civil war when Mussolini led his private milicia (Blackshirts) on a march to Rome, so they made him the Prime Minister.
  • What was the effect of Mussolini's actions on Adolf Hitler?

    Mussolini became the first nationalist dictator in Europe after WWI by:
    1. Ending the influence of parliament
    2. Placing the press under cencorship
    3. Banning all other political parties
    Hitler followed this example
  • What revealed Germany's vulnerablity after WWI ?

    An uprising led by the Spartacus league (supported by Lenin) who tried to turn Germany into a communist state.
  • What was the response of the National Assembly after they broke up the rebellion led by the Spartacus League?

    They wrote a constitusion for the new German State. Germany became a democracy called Deutches Reich (Weimar Republic)
  • Name three important elements of the constitution of the Deutches Reich.

    1. Universal suffrage (right to vote)
    2. A parliament 
    3. A president
  • What was the goal of the Deutches Reich and did they succeed in this?

    They wanted to end the political unrest. They didn't succeed, because many Germans still hated the Treaty of Versailles.
  • What was the effect of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany?

    They had to pay high reparations for the damage the caused and they had to derogate their army.

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