Summary Hospitality Experience An Introduction to Hospitality Management Book cover image

Summary Hospitality Experience An Introduction To Hospitality Management

- Jeroen Bosman, et al
ISBN-10 9001885780 ISBN-13 9789001885786
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A snapshot of the summary - Hospitality Experience An Introduction to Hospitality Management Author: Jeroen Bosman H P Breuker Michael N Chibili Anne Henriette Jeanne Marie Hoefnagels John Hornby Alinda Kokkinou Annemieke de Korte Xander Dennis Lub Rob Nierse Jeroen Oskam Mark Pluymaekers M Prooijen Lander Bert Smit Lesley Tomaszewski Rolf van der Veer Tjeerd Zandberg ISBN: 9789001885786

  • 1 The concept of hospitality

  • 1.2 Origins and history

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  • What are the 2 perspectives on the origins and history of hospitality?
    1. Hospitality as behaviour
    2. Hospitality as an industry 
  • (1) What is unselfish commitment and altruism?
    Behaviour that shows someone's good intentions and willingness to help others without expecting anything in return.
  • (1) What is meant by appropriate behaviour in the hospitality? (Hospitality as behaviour)
    Cultural and religious norms offering a needy stranger a place to stay, and food and drink, without ulterior motive or expecting a reward. (a virtue)
  • (2) Name 3 examples of hospitality as an industry? (in the early years)
    1. Ancient Mesopotamia. Commercial hospitality. Hostels and inns proving food, drinks, accommodation, women to strangers. 
    2. Pompeï. Fossilised. Rooms, public eating house, counter for selling foods and drinks. 
    3. Hostels for travellers. Travelling business people created a demand for lodging, food and drinks, which an extensive system of hospitality establishments accommodated. 
  • What is meant by a modern invention regarding to the name 'hospitality'?
    Associating the name hospitality to the industry providing food, drink and accommodation in the exchange for money.
  • 2 Adding value to the hospitality experience

  • 2.1 The value chain of hospitality experiences

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  • What is meant by an intangible component of a product?
    The interaction between host and guest. This is difficult to measure or even define.
  • What is meant by a tangible product?
    The actual product. For example the room or food.
  • We see a hospitality experience as the sum of individual experiences that are staged throughout the customer's journey in ...?
    1. Selecting 
    2. Purchasing 
    3. Consuming
    4. Reviewing 
  • What almost always needs to be translated into a monetary value? (healthy profit)
    The tangible and intangible products that go into  the experience. (commercial hospitality industry)
  • How can you influence the customer's buying decision?
    By (lowering the) price you can attract customers.

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