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Summary Human resource development

- Jon M Werner, et al
ISBN-10 0538480998 ISBN-13 9780538480994
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A snapshot of the summary - Human resource development Author: Jon M Werner, Randy L DeSimone ISBN: 9780538480994

  • 1 Introduction to Human Resource Development

  • HRD has been common use since the 80's, describe (shortly) the history of this field (starting in 18th century)
    -18th century: private 'franchises' for education (Yeoman)
    -1809: Early Vocational (beroeps) education programs (training for youn people who were unemployed or hard criminal records)
    -Late 1800's: factory schools/training programs for skills for a particular job
    -Begin 1900's: training programs for semi/unskilled
  • When did the HR movement start?
    During the undesirable byproducts op the factory systems. The HR movement: more human working conditions, importance of human behavior on the job
  • Describe the theory from Maslow on human needs?
    People can be motivated by both economic and noneconomic incentives. He distinguished between lower order (survival) and higher order (psychological) needs.
  • Describe the emergence of human resource development (69/70's):
    Trainers started the 'American Society for Training and Development'. ASTD approves the term HRD to encompass the growth nd change of this expanding profession.
  • Define the following HRM function: HR planning?

    How changing in management strategic will affect future HR needs,

  • Define the following HRM function: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)?

    Activities that are intended to satisfy both the legal and moral responsibilities of an organizations through the prevention of discriminatory policies, procedures and practices.

  • Define the following HRM function: staffing (recruitment/selection)?

    Activities are for the identification of potential applicants for current/future openings and for assessing/evaluating applicants, in order to make selection and placement decisions.

  • Define the following HRM function: compensation/benefits?

    Administration is responsible for establishing and maintaining an equitable wage structure, competitive benefits package and incentives tied to performance.

  • Define the following HRM function: employee (labor) relations?

    Developing a communication system through which employees can address their problems/grievance.

  • Define the following HRM function: HRD activities. Describe the 3 secondary HRD activities:

    1 Organization/job design: activities are concerned with interdepartemental relations and the organization and definition of jobs
    2 Performance management and performance appraisal systems: used for establishing/maintaining accountability throughout an organization.
    3 Research and information systems: necessary to make enlightened HR decisions.

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