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Summary India-An Emering Country

- Geography
- Lies
- 2015 - 2016
- Metameer - Stevensbeekseweg (Stevensbeek)
- Klas 3 VWO TTO
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A snapshot of the summary - India-an emering country

  • 1 India, land of monsoons

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  • Where is India located?
    on the triangular peninsula of South Asia
  • What are the natural boundaries?
    it is bordered in the north by the Himalayas and in the south by the waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • In which three regions can you divide India looking at the relief?
    High mountain range; himalayas in the north
    Coastal plain; bordering on mountain region
    platue; the the Deccan Plateau; centre of India
  • What is the coastal plain?
    - contains two major rivers that have source in Himalays: Indus and Ganges
    - densely populated
    - fertile land because of filt deposits by floodings
  • How are the narrow coastal plains on the east and west coast of India populated?
  • What is the Deccan plateau?
    - Gently rolling landscape 400-800m high. 
    - Boredered on the west coast by mountains; the Western Ghats
  • 1.1 Monsoon rains

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  • What does the temperature in India look like?
    Southern part is in the tropics, warm all year round. North of India still around 20 degrees daytime in winter, night to 5 degrees
  • Why is there a dry and a wet season in India?
    because of the seasonal wind, the monsoon
  • When does the monsoon reverse its direction
    every six months
  • When is the rainy season?
    in the summer (June, July, August).  get to 40 degrees.

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