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Summary INF-20806

- INF-20806
- X
- 2017 - 2018
- Wageningen University
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A snapshot of the summary - INF-20806

  • Lecture 1

  • Which 6 descriptions should a business model entail?
    1. Products and services that you will provide
    2. A description of the business process(es) required to make and deliver 1
    3. A description of your customers + what value your products + services have to them (value proposition)
    4. Resources that you will need
    5. Supply chain partners that you need to be involved
    6. How this will generate reventue + profitability
  • What are inbound logistics?
    The process related to receiving, storing and distributing inputs
  • What is marketing & sales?
    the process you use to persuade clients to purchase form you instead of your competitors
  • What is HR management?
    how well a company recruits, trains, motivates and rewards its workers.
  • Lecture 2: Data Management I

  • What is an IP adress
    The location of a computer or device
  • What is a byte
    1 single character (letter, number, symbol)
  • What is a field
    1 column of data containing grouping of characters into a word or small set of words
  • What is a record
    1 row of grouped related fields (student name + course + grade)
  • What is master data?
    Core data that is informative and relatively durable. It is centrally managed, single version of the truth, often shared.
  • What is transactional data?
    Events, a time stamp, a place, reason for event, distributed but not necessarily meaningful. Needs master data to be meaningful.
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