Summary Influence: Pearson New International Edition: Science and Practice Book cover image

Summary Influence: Pearson New International Edition: Science And Practice

- Robert B Cialdini
ISBN-10 1292022299 ISBN-13 9781292022291
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A snapshot of the summary - Influence: Pearson New International Edition: Science and Practice Author: Robert B Cialdini ISBN: 9781292022291

  • 1 1 Weapons of influence

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  • How do you call actions that any species is programmed to do, without teaching?
    Fixed-action patterns
  • What are the counter sides to fixed-action patterns?
    1. They are sometimes triggered when they should not be and vice versa
    2. They are preprogrammed and can therefore be 'played' at wrong times
  • In where is a trigger feature needed?
    In fixed-action patterns
  • Why is automated processing necessary?
    It is easy and necessary to be able to do things automatically. It is useful for simplified thinking, but can also cause occasional costly mistakes
  • What are implicit shortcuts, rules of thumbs that often have efficient and effective results, but can be erroneous as well? Name 4 types
    1. When asking for a favour, we will be more successful if we provide a reason
    2. Expensive is good
    3. 'if an expert said so, it must be true'
    4. The contrast principle: how we see the difference between two things that are presented after one another

    5. Judgemental heuristics: simplified thinking based on judgements
    6. Fluency heuristic: fluent people are more persuasive
  • What is the connection between fluency and expected effort?
    If something is hard to read or to understand, it is hard to do. This is because people who cannot imagine something will likely not participate in an action
  • What are mimics and why are they useful?

    when knowing trigger features for fixed-action patterns between members of groups that you do not belong to you can copy them to trigger these for your own benefit.
  • What causes decision paralysis and choice deferral?
    Too difficult choices
  • Explain the affect infusion model

    focuses on processes that occur while an individual is experiencing a transient emotion or set of emotions
  • How does the that's-not-all technique work?
    presenting a target with an initial request, followed by an almost immediate sweetening of the deal (either by reducing the cost or by increasing the benefits of compliance) before the message recipient has an opportunity to respond

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