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Summary Influence Science And Practice

- R B Cialdini
ISBN-10 0205663788 ISBN-13 9780205663781
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A snapshot of the summary - Influence Science And Practice Author: R B Cialdini ISBN: 9780205663781

  • 1 Weapons of influence

  • What are fixed-action patterns?
    blindly automatic behavioural responses

    can be complex like mating rituals
  • what is click and whirr?
    fixed-action patterns that are performed in the same manner and order. 

    (Like a cassette, mating rituals e.d. )
  • what is a trigger feature?
    A feature that elicts a fixed-action pattern
    (cheeping sound of a chick elicts motherly behaviour in a bird)
  • two rules about fixed-action pattern
    Are right most of the time
    is used by animals AND humans
  • What was the result of the study of ellen langer?
    Asked if shecould cut in line for the copy machine
    First condition:  a reason (i'm in a rush)
    second condition: No reason 
    3rd condition:  useless reason (i need to make some copies)

    94% complied with the reason, and
    60% for no reason      
    93% bullshit reason

    Only a reason evokes the automatic respone in people, the quality doesn't matter
  • What are judgemental heuristics?
    automatic responses
  • What was the study from Petty, cacioppo, and goldman?
    a speech for students that was relevant to some but not all. 

    The students for who the speach was relevant relied on controlled responding. (more critical of arguments)
    The students for who the speach wasn't relevant relied on automatic responses. (relied on expertise of talker)
  • One aspect of preofessionals who exploit our vulnerability?
    They use our mental shortcuts, (like jujutsu) and hiding the manupilation
    You dont perceive it as being manipulated
  • What is the contrast principle?
    When the 1st person gets 10,- and you get 1,- 
    You percieve it as less
    When the firts person gets 1,- and you get 10,- 
    you perceive it as more 

    (Real estate agant shows you a house in a bad condition and shows you a moderate house next. It looks much better than presented on its own)
  • How is the contrast principle used by car dealers?
    First sell the car, then present more options (options look cheap after the more expensive car purchase)
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