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Summary Information Systems for Business and Beyond

- David Bourgeois
ISBN-10 1533064164 ISBN-13 9781533064165
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A snapshot of the summary - Information Systems for Business and Beyond Author: David Bourgeois ISBN: 9781533064165

  • 1 Introduction

  • Gabriele Piccoli formulates an information systems as follows
    Information systems are formal, sociotechnical, organizational systems designed to collect, process, store and distribute information
  • Difference between CIO and CDO
    CDO takes on the strategic aspect of the digital transformation and the communication aspects

    the CIO in turn always focuses on on the technical aspects of the transformation.
  • What is the difference between digitalization and digitization
    digitizing—a technical process
    digitalization—a sociotechnical process
  • 2 Hardware + Introduction AI

  • Formulate Moore's Law
    the number of transistors on a chip will double every two years. The computing power will double every two year for the same price point. Another way of looking at this is to think that the price for the same computing power will be cut in half every two years. Most devices are getting smaller, faster, cheaper.
  • What is a hard disk
    for long-term data storage. Where data is stored when the computer is turned off and where it is retrieved from when the computer is turned on. A hard disk consists of a stack of disks inside a hard metal case.
  • What is a SSD
    Solid-State Drives – long-term storage. Instead of spinning disks, the SSD uses flash memory, which is much faster. The use is lighter and faster than hard disks
  • What do they mean with a personal is a commodity
     in the sense there is a very little differentiation between computers, and the primary factor that controls their sale in their price. The main advantage is speed: an SSD has much faster data-access speeds than a traditional hard disk
  • What is the paradox of change
    Is defined by the opposing logics of stability and flexibility that operate across infrastructural layers and components. On one hand, digital infrastructures need to be stable to allow “enrollment” of new artifacts, processes, and actors; on the other, it must possess flexibility to allow unbounded growth.

    om verder te willen bouwen om een infrastructure moet het stable zijn, maar om te willen groeien en dus verder te bouwen moet je ook flexibel zijn.
  • What is the digital representation of characteristics?

    ASCII A = even number of 1's dus een 1 toevoegen
    ASCII F= odd number of 1's   dus een 0 toevoegen
  • What means “behave rationally” for a person/system
    Take the right/ best action to achieve the goals, based on his/its knowledge and belief
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