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Summary inheritance and evolution

- Biology
- Anne
- 2015 - 2016
- Metameer - Stevensbeekseweg (Stevensbeek)
- Klas 3 VWO TTO
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A snapshot of the summary - inheritance and evolution

  • 1 Genotype and phenotype

  • What is the phenotype of an organism?
    the apearance (the observable features) of that orgaism.
  • Where does your phenotype consist of?
    thousands of different characteristics or 'traits'. Many of those tratis are inherited from your parents (such as the colour of your hair, the colour of your eyes adn the shape of your face)
  • When do chromosomes become visable under a microscope?
    When cells start to divide the chromosomes become shorter and thicker.
  • What is the genotype of an organism?
    is the information for all inherited traits of that organism.
  • Are there different numbers of chromosomes per different species?
    yes. Alle these chromosomes occur in pairs.
  • Where does the phenotype of an organism depend on?
    on the genotype and environmental factors
  • What are environmental factors?
    Several external factors that may chage the phenotype, without changing the genotype.
  • 2 chromosomes and genes

  • What is is when a gene is turned on-off?
    than it might be slightly active or very active for that cell
  • How does cell divison work when just fertilized?
    Parent cell divides into two cells and produces two daugther cells
    ( nothing happens to information inheritied traits (genotype) )
  • When is the genotype determined?
    at the moment of fertilization
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