Summary Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications Book cover image

Summary Integrated Advertising, Promotion, And Marketing Communications

- Kenneth E Clow, et al
ISBN-10 0138157375 ISBN-13 9780138157371
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A snapshot of the summary - Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications Author: Kenneth E Clow, Donald Baack ISBN: 9780138157371

  • 1 The IMC Foundation

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  • What is the definition of Integrated marketing communications (IMC) ?

    IMC is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on customers and other stakeholders at a minimal cost.

  • What are Transmission devices?
    The way a message travels to the audience.  The channel may be a television station carrying an advertisement or a Sunday paper with a coupon placed in it. 
  • Name two examples of noise:

    Talking on a phone during a commercial on television
    Driving while listening to the radio.
  • What is a current situational analysis?
    The process of examining the firms ongoing market situation.
  • What are integraded marketing communications?
    Is the coordination and intergration of all marketing communication tools, avenues and sources in a company into a seamless program, designed to maximise the impact on customers and other stakeholders.

    The program covers all of a firm's B2B, market channel, customer-foucsied and internally directed communications.
  • What are the primary marketing objectives?
    Establishes targets, such as higher sales, an increase in market share, a new competitive competition, or desired customer actions, such as visiting the store and making the purchase.
  • What is a swot analysis?
    Identifies a companies internal strengths and weaknesses, along with the marketing opportunities and threats present in the external environment
  • What does a marketing plan do?
    Provide guidance to company leaders and marketing experts as they coordinate the firms overall communication package.
  • What are the 8 steps of a marketing plan?
    1.Current situational analysis,
    2.Swot analysis
    3.Marketing objectives
    4.Target market
    5.Marketing strategies
    6.Marketing tactics
    7. Implementation.
    8. Evaluation of performance.
  • What does an account executive do?
    Works the advertising agency, seeking to sell, direct, and manage advertising and promotional programs for client companies

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