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Summary Introduction to Animal Ecology

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A snapshot of the summary - Introduction to Animal Ecology

  • 1 Lecture 1

  • What is the main difference between animals and plants?
    Plants are modular and vertebrates are unitary organisms
  • What three scale levels are there and what do they indicate?
    • traits
    • density

    • Structure
  • What does population level entail?
    The functioning of a group of individual organisms of the same species in a defined location
  • 2 Lecture 2

  • Difference between allopatric and sympatric:
    Allopatric is in a different area
    sympatric is at the same location
  • What is diverge evolution?
    Divergent evolution is when species start to differ from each other, but have a same ancestor
  • How to know if animals adapted or changed?
    • Correlation: do spatial patters line up with trait variation? (trait similarity across areas)
    • Experimental: transplant experiments
  • Difference between analogous and homologous
    Analogous = same function
    Homologous = same ancestor
  • 3 Lecture 3 en 4

  • What do conditions influence?
    They influence direct physiological responses and interactions among animals
  • What does Q10 temperature coefficient mean?
    With 10 steps of x, y doubles
  • What is the influence of higher temperatures/global warming on nature?
    Smaller animals
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