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Summary Introduction to international business

- Evelien Kranenburg
ISBN-10 1839615788 ISBN-13 9781839615788
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A snapshot of the summary - Introduction to international business Author: Evelien Kranenburg ISBN: 9781839615788

  • 1 Marketing: creating customer value and engagement

  • 1.1 What is marketing

  • What are the key to building a customer relationship
    Customers value and satisfaction build a block of development and managing customer
  • What is a production concept?
    The idea that consumers will favor products that are available and highly affordable therefore, the organization focus on improving production and distribution efficiency
  • Societal marketing concept
    The company's marketing decisions should consider consumers want, company requirements consumers long run interests, and society's long -run interests
  • 1.2 Understanding the marketplace and customer needs

  • What does a company need to understand
    The market place by researching customer needs and managing  marketing information
  • 1.3 Designing a Customer value driven marketing strategy plan

  • Customer-driven marketing is based on two question ?
    1. What consumers will we serve?
    because companies know they can not serve every way, they research on the customer they can serve best.
  • 1.5 The changing marketing landscape

  • 4 trends of marketing changing landscape. This is number 1
    Marketing Automation
    Research shows that nearly half of tasks done by paid professionals can be automated
  • 4 trends of marketing changing landscape. This is number 2
    Artificial Intelligence
    Marketers are better able to dynamically automate customer interactions using artificial intelligence technologies
  • 4 trends of marketing changing landscape. This is number 3

    Experiential MarketingExperiential campaigns engage customers through immersive, real-world events or interactions. Marketers can implement a number of experiential strategies, including:
    • Using stars to boost attendance
    • Touring
    • Augmenting the experience with technology
    • Leveraging partner locations
  • 4 trends of marketing changing landscape. This is number 4
    Executive Branding
    Executives need to brand themselves too, beyond overall company branding. Executive branding might involve having a massive online presence, using motivational quotes, and highlighting charity efforts.
  • 2 Products,Services, and Brand building customer value

  • 2.2 Product and services decisions

  • Individual product decisions
    Product attributes
    Labeling and logos
    Product support service  
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