Summary: Introduction To International Business | 9781473769588 | Mike Peng, et al

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Introduction To International Business | 9781473769588 | Mike Peng, Klaus Meyer

  • 1 Globalizing businesses

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  • What are the most important actors in international business ar known as multinational enterprise(MNE) what does this mean?

    A firm that engages in foreign direct investments
  • The realities of international and domestic business are?

    Increasingly blurred because many previously national markets have opened to international competition
  • What does do EU member countries account for most European business?

    More than half of their international activities
  • What is the Gross domestic product?

    The most common measure of the economic power of an economy
  • Where does emerging economies together account for?

    Almost half of all goods exports and a quarter of all service exports
  • What is the purchasing power parity (PPP)?

    The exchange rate considers such differences (e.g. Swiss US $6.83 versus US #4.80).
  • Why study IB?

    Expatriate assignments -> jobs located abroad 
    knowledge of IB and the ability to contribute to discussion on global business issues are a foundation for becoming a sought after globetrotting manager
  • Doing business outside one's home country can be challenging, due to 'liability of outsidership'. What does 'liability of outsidership' mean?

    The inherent disadvantage that outsiders experience in a new environment because of their lack of familiarity.
  • A unified framework is?

    To address your possible complaint and make your learning more manageable we develop a unified framework as a consistent theme
  • Fundamental question what determines the success and failure of firms around the globe?

    Institution-based view: 
    formal and informal rules of the game
    resource-based view:
    firm-specific resources and capabilities

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