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Summary Introduction to Java programming : comprehensive version

- Y Daniel Liang
ISBN-10 0132936526 ISBN-13 9780132936521
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A snapshot of the summary - Introduction to Java programming : comprehensive version Author: Y Daniel Liang ISBN: 9780132936521

  • 1 Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Java

  • 1.2 What Is a Computer?

  • How are computer components connected

    By A subsystem called a bus.

  • 1.2.4 Storage Devices

  • What happens to ram mem when pc is turned of

    It is lost ( it is volatile form)

  • 1.2.5 Input and Output Devices

  • What are the input and output deveices







  • 1.2.6 Communication Devices

  • what forms of network communications is availeble

    - modem 56000 bps

    - DSL sigital subscription line  ( 20 fast as modem )

    - Cable deliverd by the same company as the tv usually

    - LAN ( locAL area network ) usually 1000/100 mb via the nic (network interface card)

    - Wireless networks

  • What are hardware and software?


    Hardware are the visible components of a computer. Software is not visible and runs in the computer it gives the pc instructions.

  • What unit is used to measure CPU speed?

    Ghz 1 herts 1 pulse per second

  • What is a bit? What is a byte?

    a bit is a 1 or 0 a byte is 8 bits

  • What is memory for? What does RAM stand for? Why is memory called RAM?

    Memory is for storing data. Read acces mem it is called like that because the cpu puts hit data there  before processng and puls it out if its needed

  • What unit is used to measure memory size?


  • What unit is used to measure disk size?

    Giga byte

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