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Summary Introduction to Management

- John R Schermerhorn, et al
ISBN-10 1118324021 ISBN-13 9781118324028
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A snapshot of the summary - Introduction to Management Author: John R Schermerhorn, ISBN: 9781118324028

  • 1 The management Process

  • 1.1 Working today

  • What group of workers does Shamrock oganization works with

    full time and long-term

  • What happens in a free-agent economy?

    people often change jobs

  • What are open systems?

    Organizational ernvironment, to transform resource inputs into product output.s


  • What is a manager?

    Person who supports activates and is responsible for the work of others

  • 1.2 Organizations

  • Administrative management
    which are the 5 foundations of the 4 functions of management?
    1. Foresight - complete a plano of action for the future
    2. Organization -to mobilize resources to implement the plan
    3. Command - to lead, select and evaluate workers
    4. Coordination
    5. Control
  • 1.3 Managers

  • Which 4 views are there of ethics?
    1. individualism view
    2. moral right view
    3. justice view
    4. utilitarian view
  • Which manager fails to consider ethical consequences of the actions
    Amoral manager
  • 1.3.2 Levels of managers

  • there are 4 different levels of managers, which are they?
    1. top managers: Strategisch management
    2. middle managers: tactisch management
    3. First-line managers: Operationeel management
    4. Team leaders
  • 1.3.3 types of managers

  • What types of managers are there?
    • Line managers: direct verbonden aan het produceren van the products and services.
    • Staff managers: give technical advise to support line workers
    • Functional managers: responsible for 1 area bv: finance
    • General managers: responsible for multifunctional units
  • 4 External Environment and Organizational culture

  • 4.1 The general or Macroenvironment

  • What does the General environment of organizations consists of?
                                   externe omgeving
    • economic
    • legal-political
    • sociocultural
    • technological
    • natural environment conditions
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