Aldehydes and Ketones - How Are Aldehydes and Ketones Named?

8 important questions on Aldehydes and Ketones - How Are Aldehydes and Ketones Named?

How are aldehydes named?

By changing the suffix -e to -al. The carbonyl group is seen as position 1 on the parent chain.

How are unsaturated aldehydes named?

The presence of the carbon-carbon double bond is indicated by the infix -en-.

How are cyclic aldehydes named?

The molecule is named by adding the suffix -carbaldehyde to the name of the ring.

Which common names for aromatic aldehydes are retained in the IUPAC system?

Benzaldehyde and Cinnemaldehyde.

How are ketones named?

By changing the suffix -e to -one.

How are more complex aldehydes and ketones named?

The IUPAC has an order of precedence of functional groups.

What are the common names for aldehydes?

Common names for aldehydes are derived from the common names of carboxylic acid.

What are common names for ketones?

Common names for ketones are derived by naming each aryl or alkyl group separate followed by ketone.

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