Aldehydes and Ketones - How Are Aldehydes and Ketones Oxidized?

4 important questions on Aldehydes and Ketones - How Are Aldehydes and Ketones Oxidized?

What is the product of oxidizing an aldehyde?

Aldehydes are easily oxidized by a range of reagents to carboxylic acid.

How is the Tollens' reagent prepared?

By dissolving AgNO3 in water adding NaOH to precipitate the silver ion as Ag2O and than redisolving it in ammonia, creating a silver-ammonia complex.

What is a more modern way of oxidizing aldehydes?

Molecular oxygen is the least expensive and most readily available of all oxidizing agents.

How are ketones oxidized?

Ketones can only be oxidized through their enol tautomers by potasium dichromate and potasium permanganate at high temperature and high concentrations of HNO3.

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