7 questions on "Subjective rational actor model, determinants of behaviour"

What is structure of opportunities?
The action space resulting of available resource minus obstacle
On what will the subjective action space fluctuate?
The perception or knowledge about the action space
What kind of objective consequences can appear?

Advantages or disadvantages in
  • Physical (capital, time)
  • Social (status, power, resistance/support)
  • Environmental (biodiversity, sustainability, ecological footprint)
Where do expectations of the (subjective) consequences of behaviour fluctuate from?
From absolute certainty to absolute uncertainty about the real consequences of a course of action
What can be the outcome of uncertainty?
The avoidance of an alternative, depending on the willingness to take risks
Give some examples of background variables?
  • Resource: education increases action space in labour market
  • Obstacle: age, experience, lack of training, deficient education
Why is it not possible to predict behaviour?
Too much disturbing variables on the decision process
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