8 questions on "Determinants and intervention: five possible interventions"

How can the objective action space be influenced?
By enlarging or limiting the opportunities to choose between alternative course of action
What kind of interventions can influence the objective action space?
  • Physical (fence in street to stop sneak-traffic)
  • Financial/economic (stimulate demand, more expensive, subsidies)
  • Legal (permit, academic grade (diploma), certification)
  • Empowerment (with technology, legal rights, budgets, information
Why is the objective action space not the same as the perceived action space?
We do not always know all options and we often under- or overestimate our capacities
What is an important intervention in influencing subjective action space?
Communication to inform people about new alternatives or underused existing possibilities
How can the objective consequences of behaviour be influenced?
By attaching incentives to it which have positive or negative consequences for the physical well-being or the social status of the actors
What kind of interventions influence objective consequences of behaviour?
  • Legal (permits, standards, obligatory procedures of evaluation, non-financial sanctions)
  • Financial (financiel penalties/rewards)
What intervention can take place by influencing subjective consequences?
Inform about the advantages and disadvantages of the desired behaviour for the social group or society
What is a weak spot of an intervention in values and attitudes?
Values and attitudes change not easily
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