Non-Gonvermental Organisations - NGOs as companies

6 important questions on Non-Gonvermental Organisations - NGOs as companies

What are the key differences between companies and NGOs?

  • Non-profit status
  • Absence of shareholders
  • Decision-making more informal and consensual

What are the sources of income for NGOs?

  • Membership fees
  • Sales of products and services
  • Grants from national/international institutions or national governments
  • Private donations

Why is sponsoring from private companies or the government not without risk?

Undermine its independency

Where is 10% of the total NGO budget spend on?

  • salaries
  • bookkeeping
  • organisational expenses
  • office expenses

How do NGOs survive and maintain its organisation and activities?

With specialised departments for marketing, management, communication and research

Why do more and more hybrid organisations arise?

  • Commercialization tendency among NGOs
  • Tendency towards CSR (corporate social responsibility) within companies

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