8 good questions and answers: "The two basic evaluation tools: CBA and MCA"

What are the 2 techniques for ex-ante evaluation?
  • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) (economics)
  • Multiple Criteria analysis (MCA) (decision)
What is the key focus of the CBA technique?
The willingness to pay of consumers/citizens for the change that a policy causes
What is needed for CBA to function well?
Place monetary value on costs and benefits of policy alternatives and compare the resulting differences in terms of the total welfare of all
What is the main focus of the multiple criteria analysis (MCA)?
The specification of judgement criteria for assessing the policies. Different policy options can be compared looking at the scores of different criteria
What is needed for an MCA to function well?
  • All criteria have to have weights showing their relative importance
  • All scores have to be standardized to a common scale
What is done when a concept is vague and ambiguous, and how?
To perform an evaluation, the concept has to be made operational. This is done by identifying the four key elements:
  • Show long-term future impacts
  • Look from the global perspective
  • Include the three key components: economic, social and environmental
  • Stakeholder understanding and accountability
Why do you need to recognize the importance of the global perspective?
Consequences of small-scale policy plans are felt and traced all throughout the world
Why do you have to include social, economic and environmental elements?
You need to find an acceptable mix of economic development, environmental quality and social quality
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