3 good questions on "Errors of the third type and problem structuring"

What is problem structuring?
The analysis of causes and effects of an undesired situation that has to be improved by intervention in human behaviour and/or the circumstances of behaviour
What are the three types of statistical errors?
  • Type I error: concluding the intervention had an effect while it doesn't
  • Type II error: concluding the intervention had no effect while it had
  • Type II error: solving the wrong problem
What are the 3 forms of a type 3 error?
  • Defining the boundary: stopping too soon with the search for possible interconnected problems (wrong meta-problem)
  • Defining the standard: choose the wrong/forget needs or values
  • Defining the formal representation: choosing a wrong model (leaving essential factor out, suggesting illogical causal relations or a false quantitative strenght of a causal relation)
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