7 good questions and answers: "Definition, scope and differentiation"

What is the definition of a non-governmental organisation (NGO)?
Any kind of private, non-profit, non-political organisation that is independent of government control with a certain societal mission
Why are NGOs trusted by the general public and have a good reputation?
NGOs don't have short-term financial objectives
Why do some NGOs stimulate understanding social, cultural, and economic factors which inhibit improvement of their situation?
In this way, awareness of the opportunity to change is strengthened
What are the 2 types of NGOs?
  • Operational NGOs
  • Advocacy NGOs
In which ways do advocacy NGOs raise awareness?

By organizing:
  • Campaigns
  • Demonstrations
  • Media-events
  • Networks
What are main activities of NGOs in general?
  • Campaigning
  • Lobbying
  • Developing educational programs
  • Designing new technologies or services
  • Investigating/better documenting certain issues
How can NGOs lobby more effectively?
NGOs try to participate in negotiations at the international and national level
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