Non-Gonvermental Organisations - Criticisms

5 important questions on Non-Gonvermental Organisations - Criticisms

What are the four problems concerning NGO critisism?

  • Relationships to western states, culture and economy
  • Self-interest
  • Accountability
  • Democratic legitimacy

What is the critisism about the western world for NGOs?

  • NGOs are imperialists, racial and aristocratic
  • No independent since funded by western world

What is the criticism about self-interest?

NGOs suffer from tunnel-vision: judging every public act by how it affects their public interests

What is the critisism about accountability?

In contrast to companies, clients and beneficiaries hardly have any control over NGOs

What is the critisism about legitimacy?

Can they represent a certain party? Feel citizens really represented?Less legitimacy by:
  • NGOs must respect expectations of donors
  • Gap between western world and developing countries
  • Funding practices

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