NGOs as a civil society organisation or social movement organisations

What are civil society organisations (CSOs)?
Type of NGO where networks of people with a certain ideal and identity, aiming to change a certain situation with certain activities (feminist groups, peace movement, animal activists)
What are the 3 types of civil society organisations (CSOs)?
  • Instrumental/reformistic organisations (natuur & milieu, trade unions)
  • Sub-cultural organisations (energy collectives, organic farming cooperatives)
  • Critical movement organisations (black power)
What is the aim of instrumental/reformistic organisations?
To achieve concrete results and do not perform radical types of activities
What is the aim of sub-cultural organisations?
To establish small-scale alternative communities
CSOs lack resources like money and equipment. Which other resources are important for succes?
  • Knowledge
  • Media
  • Labour
  • Solidarity
  • Legitimacy
  • Support from others
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Organised
What factors are needed for a NGO to be succesfull?
  • Resources
  • Organisational strength
  • Political opportunities
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