6 questions on "Policy and Policy Theory in Implementation - Nature of the Policy"

When is a policy highly ambiguous?
When there is a lot of room for interpretation and elaboration
When does administrative implementation occurs?
The policy is clear and accepted by all parties involved
When does political implementation occur and when will it succeed?
Proven procedures and technologies are available but the policy meets a lot of opposition.
The implementation will succeed if governmental power prevails over societal resistance
When is there uncertainty and ambiguity concerning the policy?
  • No technologies available
  • The road from A to B is uncertain
When does a experimental implementation occurs, and what is the process of it?
When there is general agreement about the policy, while there  is much uncertainty about how to realize that policy. This is a process of trial and error
When can a symbolic implementation lead to success?
With a strong coalition of policymakers, administration and target groups
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