Propositions about causes and effects: the structure of the policy problem

What are the 2 types of covariance?
  • Positive: the more A, the more B - the less A, the less B
  • Negative: the less A, the more B - the more A, the less B
How can you change behaviour?
  • Investigate how and why people decide what they do
  • Invent inventions to influence that decision process
Of what makes the process approach us aware?
The necessity to examine precisely what happens in behavioural processes we want to change by policy intervention
Describe the policy field structure
Effects of needs, demand, production, trade, transport and consumption
  1. What is the problem?
  2. What are direct causes of the problem?
  3. What are direct causes of the pattern (demand-supply)
  4. Demand and supply can have undesired effects too
  5. What is the direct cause of the demand?
  6. Evaluation of the problem situation
What can describe the qualitative and quantitative situation in the policy field?
Indicators which determine the correctness of the policy theory
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