3 good questions and answers: "Actors/stakeholders and policy networks"

Whereby is a policy network characterized?
  • Constantly changing membership (plurality)
  • Inderdependency of actors
  • Relative insensitivity of external influence
  • Constant change of position of actors (dynamics)
What are important factors for a policy network (since hierachy does not function)?
  • Communication
  • Information
  • Negotiation
  • Bargaining
  • Management system to improve cooperation
What are motives to cooperate in a policy network?
  • Government is expected to solve a collective problem but misses the necessary means (private-government)
  • To solve the problem, change of the behaviour of citizens is needed (government-citizens)
  • Citizens wants to influence policy because of their own interest
  • Citizens need public resources to achieve their goals (drivers license)
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