9 good questions and answers: "All is Political in Policy Analysis and Advice"

What has public policy to do with politics and legal nature?
  • Political in nature
  • Made and implemented in the context of law
What is the world of public policy often called?
Political arena
Where does a pluralist society consist of?
  • Social groupings
  • Organisations
  • Interest groups
When can power be exercised?
When an actor possesses a power base (means)
What are the most important power bases?
  • Capital
  • Authority
  • Knowledge
  • Rhetorical capacities
  • Supporters
  • Organisations that can be used to achieve goals
  • Direct entry to those with decision-making authority
How can an actor organize power to be more influential?
  • Forming coalitions
  • Lobbying
  • Applying for the central authoriative positions
Why is the government not the one with the final say?
  • Government is the mirror of myriad interests
  • Goverment is one of the many actors
Whereby are the player in the politcal arena by characterized?
  • Beliefs (values and norms)
  • Perception of the real world
  • Power base (set of means he can use in the game=stakes)
Why is public policy deeply political?
  • Problems and solutions are the result of a process of solution of conflicts of interests
  • Needs cooperation of executives and citizens
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