4 good questions on "Characteristics of Problems - Four characteristics"

What are the 4 characteristics of policy problems?
  • Interdependency (problems in one area frequently affect problems in another area)
  • Subjectivity (every actor has his own vision of the problem)
  • Artificiality (problem is a product of subjective human judgement)
  • Dynamical, unstable (whole system is in a constant flux changed by interventions impact from the environment, changes in beliefs and knowledge)
What kind of approach is needed from a science advisor concerning interdependency?
A hollistic approach wherein problems are solved in connection with eachother
What are unintended and unanticipated consequences of neglecting connected problems?
  • Formation of new problems
  • Obstruct the chosen solution
  • Mobilize resistance by interest groups that were neglected
What is the concept of framing?
An actor places a problem in a certain cultural, organisational and political context. The actor wants that their view of the problem should be accepted as the right view
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