6 good questions and answers: "Policy and organisation in Dutch practice"

Where is a policy analyst interested in?
All the actors that are somehow involved in the policy problem
What is the public government?
Institutions that are designated to contribute to the solution of public problems
What are the 6 levels of public government?
  1. Local
  2. Regional
  3. Provincial
  4. National
  5. European
  6. International
What is a decentralized unitary state?
  • The system is hierarchical and uniform, with a strong central authorithy
  • On the other hand, regional, provincial and local authorities have their own legal competences designated by law
In which way can public authorities cooperate and mutually adjust to reach their goals?
  • Communication
  • Regulation
  • Allotment of budgets
  • Supervision
What are private forms of actors?
  • Individual citizens
  • NGOs
  • Market organisations
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