8 questions on "Policy and Science Advising - Roles of science in policy, general"

Where upon depends the relationship between science and governance?
  • Role science are able and willing to play
  • Stage of decision-making
  • Nature of the problem
Why are scientist successfull in convincing policymakers to apply their insights?
  • Facts and theories
  • Network strategy (creation of network around their ideas and practices)
What kind of scientists are very powerful in modern society?
  • Engineers
  • Medical specialists
Name some examples where science is controlled by policymakers
  • Religion influences science
  • Soviet on genetics
  • Apollo programme
  • Humane genome project
  • Government stimulates research in energy, food and entertainment
What is the reason for interaction between science and policy?
  • Scientists emphasize that science is not always able to deliver quick answers to complex societal problems
  • Policymakers emphasize that science is just one of the approaches and that decision-making requires the involvement of all parties and perspectives, and that subjective choices are allowed
What are examples of discussions wherein science and policy both participate?
  • Nuclear energy
  • GMO
  • Climate change
What is a hybrid?
An in-between institution (both scientific and political)
  • RIVM
  • Health council
  • Water management authorities
What is socially robust science?
Science that will be accepted by politicians, stakeholders and citizens as appropriate for the framing and/or solution of a certain societal problem
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