5 questions on "Modern times: clashing arguments for and against a public sector"

What is the result of more and higher education for the policy cycle?

More educated people articulate their different interests. As a result, Governing becomes less and less a matter of ruling through hierachical structures and more and more a matter of negotiating through a decentralized series of floating alliances
What is a network state?
The introduction of contracting out of public services, more public-private partnerships, steering by incentives, privatization, arms-length government and self-regulation
What is the result of the neo-liberal tendency to less central government?
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Less state influence
Why do other people want a stronger state?
In a risk society, governments and their public services face new challenges
  • constant threat of dangers
  • insecure future
  • changes in the world
  • terrorism
How can a stronger state be achieved?
  • Night watch function (protection of citizens against threats from outside)
  • Regulation and facilitating state (adapt quickly changes in technology)
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