9 good questions and answers about "Arguments for a public government"

Why is there a need for a public government?
  • Keep peace (watchman state)
  • Avoid exhaustion of 'common-pool' resources (regulation state)
  • Secure production of collective goods (facilitating state)
  • Divide wealth more equally (social welfare state)
Why do people accept limited freedom and the obligation to pay taxes?
Because the state will maintain peace by settling conflicts and punishment
What is the definition of non-rivalling consumption?
Consumption of a good does not reduce the availability of the good to everyone else
What are common-pool resources?
Goods that are non-excludable (non-paid) and rivalling (raakt op)
Examples: visvijver, hout, gas, kolen
What is a regulation state?
A state wherein regulations and corresponding institutions directed at preserving and fair sharing of resources
What are examples of collective (public) goods?
  • Infrastructure for the economy
  • Security
  • Defence
What is the function of a facilitating state?
Investing in collective goods (are free so no other producers) which stimulates wealth
What are the results of not equally divided wealth?
  • Inequality in income
  • Threatens health
  • Social instability
What are the actions taken to divide wealth more equally?
  • Sociale rechten (artikel 1: freedom)
  • Equality before the law (artikel 1)
  • Social security
  • Educational structure (lack of education is cause of poverty)
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