7 questions on "The Foundation of a Policy: Policy Theory and Argumentation"

What is the stock of knowledge of a policy maker?
  • Structured, scientifically backed knowledge
  • Less structured, more intuitive knowledge
What are means-end assumptions?
A special case of causal assumptions because it concerns the relationship between chosen causes intended to attain desired effects
What is the means-end theory?
A theory about means (interventions) that are intended to realize goals
What are normative propositions?
Needs, values and norms which play an important role in:
  • Evaluating goals
  • Acceptability of means
What is the definition of a norm?
Concrete guidelines for behaviour (share and share alike, fair play, act according the law)
Why is a good policy theory of importance?
  • Analysis: expectation of effectiveness
  • Evaluation: why did it succeed or fail?
  • Systematic creation of new policies
What are the 3 criteria for a good policy theory?
  • Scientific theoretical criteria (arguments specific, informative, consisten, proofed?)
  • Implementation criteria (concrete for implementation?)
  • Strategic criteria (feasible?, how much time for operationalization?)
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