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Summary IPGC seminars

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A snapshot of the summary - IPGC seminars

  • 1 Introduction Imperial Powers

  • 1.2 Ancient Imperialism

  • What are some motives for expansion?
    Agressive mentalities
    Shifting power balances
    Economic: booty, land, rescources
    Demographic: population pressure
  • What different types of empires are there?
    1. Informal/hegemonic empires based on dominance over other states through military or economic supremacy
    2. Formal/territorial empires based on territorial annexation
  • 2 Assyrian Empire

  • 2.1 Context

  • Assyrian Empire year
    1350 BC - 612 BC
  • What is the chronology of the Assyrian Empire?
    End middle bronze age: under the rule of the Mittani State -> period of collapse -> Middle Assyrian Empire -> mid-bronze age collapse -> Neo Assyrian Empire
  • What is the chronology of the Middle Assyrian period?
    Independence -> from city state to empire -> recession and brief expansion
  • What is the chronology of the Neo Assyrian period?
    From territorial state to empire -> internal problems and brief territorial decline -> imperial expansion and consolidation -> fall of Assyria
  • 2.2 The Middle Assyrian Empire

  • What was the role of religion in the Assyrian Empire?
    1. The god Assur became part of the constructed Assyrian identity in the capital Assur (Neo Assyrian Empire)
    2. Assur (the god) as justification for the expansion
    3. Didn't care for others believing in their god
  • What are the repertoires of rule of the Assyrian Empire?
    Conquered areas weren't controlled in an uniform way. Repertoires of rule were based on the area:
    1. Buffer zone
    2. Agricultural colonization
    3. Accomodation
    4. Intensification of agricultural production
  • How were new cities created?
    The Assyrians deported populations from small settlements to bigger more central settlements
  • What are the capitals in the Middle Assyrian Empire?
    1. Assur
    2. Kar-Tukulti-Ninurta
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