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Summary ISTQB Usability

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A snapshot of the summary - ISTQB Usability

  • 1 Basic concepts

  • 1.1 Fundamentals

  • What is a usability problem?

    A usability problem is a software defect which results in difficulty in performing tasks via the user
  • What are the consequences of a usabilty problem?

    This affects the user’s ability to achieve their goals effectively, or efficiently, or with satisfaction.
  • Name a few usability problems.

    Usability problems can lead to confusion, error, delay or outright failure to complete some task on the part of the user.
    In safety-critical systems such as medical systems, usability problems can also lead to injuries or death.
  • Usability always relates to the context of use and can be considered in different components. Name a few components.
    • Users
    • Tasks
    • Equipment
    • Environment
  • Name the user experience characteristics that occur before, during and after use.
    • emotions
    • beliefs
    • preferences
    • perceptions
    • physical and psychological responses
    • behaviors and accomplishments
  • Give examples of what user experience is influenced by.

    • brand image (i.e., the users’ trust in the manufacturer)
    •  presentation (i.e., the appearance of the software product, including packaging and
    • documentation)
    •  functionality
    • software product performance
    • interactive behavior
    • the helpfulness of the software product, including help system, support and training
    • learnability
    • the user’s internal and physical state resulting from prior experiences, attitudes, skills, personality, education and intelligence
    • the context of use
  • Match the usability criteria: Effectivess, efficiency and satifaction  to user experience aspects: Brand imag , presentation, software performance and functionality.

    • Brand image and presentation: satisfaction
    • Functionality: effectiveness)
    • Software product performance: efficiency
  • 1.2 Evaluating usability, User experience and Accessibility

  • What are the key objectives and target group for user experience

    • Evaluate the services received prior to the use of the software product.
    • Evaluate the direct interaction between users andthe software product.
    • Evaluate the services received after the use of the software product.
    • Target group: All users. 
  • What's the key objective and target group for Accessibility evaluation?

    Evaluate the direct interaction between users and
    the software product, focusing on understanding
    problems related to accessibility barriers, rather than
    general efficiency or satisfaction.
    Target group: Users with disabilities.
  • Name the three principal techniques applied for usability evaluation, user experience evaluation and accessibility
    • Usability review
    • Usability testing
    • Users surveys.  
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