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Summary ITIL Intermediate Qualification: Service Offerings and Agreements

- Learning Tree
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A snapshot of the summary - ITIL Intermediate Qualification: Service Offerings and Agreements Author: Learning Tree

  • 1 Service Lifecycle Overview

  • 1.4 Utility, warranty, resources and capabilities

  • Two types of assets?

    - Resources, direct inputs for production (Fin. capital, infrastructure, applications, information, people)

    - Capabilities, ability to use resources to produce value (Management, organization, processes, knowledge, skills)

  • 2 Introduction to Service Off and Agreements

  • 2.1 SOA Processes in Service Strategy

  • What are the 4 processes of Serv Off and Agreements in SS?

    1. Service portfolio management

    2. Financial management for IT services

    3. Demand management

    4. Business relationship management

  • 2.1.7 SOA Processes and Service Value

  • How is service value created?

    When services have the right balance of both warranty and utility.

  • 2.3 SOA Processes in Service Design

  • What processes from service design are involved with SOA?

    1. Service level management

    2. Service catalog management

    3. Supplier management

  • 4 Service Portfolio Management

  • What is the Service portfolio Management about?

    To ensure that the service provider has the right mix of services to balance the investments in IT with the ability to meet business outcomes.

  • Service portfolio process?

    Series of activities that ensure the portfolio is up-to-date and that its contents are matched to the business needs.

  • 4.3.1 Service Pipeline

  • What is in the services pipeline?

    All the services that are under consideration or development but not yet available to customers

  • Under what circumstances would a service enter the pipeline?

    - A customer requests a new service

    - A new opportunity has been identified by the service provider's strategy

    - A business opportunity has been identified by a customer that will require an IT service

    - A business outcome is under-served by current services

    - A new technology is available and has the potential to create new business opportunities

    - Service management processes identify a better solution to the services that are currently offered

    - CSI processes identify a gap in the current service portfolio

  • Service Portfolio and Service Catalog

  • Service Portfolio: Inhoud/Doel Dienstenportefeuille

    Ondersteunde bedrijfsresultaten
    Business cases
    Aanbod en pakketten (vraagbeheersing)
    Vereiste investeringen
    Lopende kosten en prijszetting (investeringsgedreven)
  • 4.3.4 Service Portfolio Management and the CMS

  • What is a CMS?

    Configuration management system: a set of tools and databases that stores configuration records throughout their lifecycle

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