Polysaccharides - Pectin: Gelling properties

3 important questions on Polysaccharides - Pectin: Gelling properties

How does the pH influence the pectin?

The pectin has galacturonic acid groups. At neutral pH (7), the carboxyl groups are negatively charged. At acidic pH (2-3) the carboxyl groups are neutral.

How and what kind of gel can be made with LM-pectin?

A calcium gel. The unsubstituted negative carboxyl groups (pH is high) can form ionic bonds with Ca2+ between 2 polysaccharides. An egg-box model is formed.

How and what kind of gel can be made with HM-pectin?

A sugar-acid gel. The formation of junction zones is stimulated by:

  • High concentration of sugar --> hold water, so lowers water activity --> molecules move closer
  • Low pH (neutral charge of polysaccharides) --> less repulsion

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