Physical aspects - Emulsions

3 important questions on Physical aspects - Emulsions

Why are polysaccharides/polymers added to increase the stability of emulsions?

  • Increases viscosity --> slows down creaming rate
  • Forms additional interfacial layer --> provides steric stabilization

What is the effect of concentration/ratio on the size of protein/PS complexes?

  • Low ratio protein/PS (so little protein) --> complexes, 50-100 nm, soluble
  • High ratio protein/PS (so lot of protein) --> coacervates, > 100 nm, insoluble

How does the concentration of polysaccharides effect the stability emulsion?

  • Low concentration: bridging flocculation, not stable
  • Intermediate concentration: covered, addition layer, steric repulsion, stable
  • High concentration: additional PS in continuous phase
    • Enough space of molecules to move around, stable
    • Limited space: depletion interactions, unstable (phase separation)

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