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Summary Land & Forage management

- Land & Forage management
- Bakker
- 2019 - 2020
- VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL University of Applied Sciences locatie Velp, Velp)
- Dier- en Veehouderij
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A snapshot of the summary - Land & Forage management

  • Land management introduction

  • Which 7 factors define a landschape?
    - tectonic movements/vulcanism/parent material
    - distance to sea/equator/water in general (climate,sea,river)
    - climate
    - land and soil type
    - relief, topography
    - plant succession
    - human impact
  • Which systems are the Dutch and FAO systems?
    World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB)
    Unified soil classification System (USCS)
    USDA (National)
  • What is the purpose of the different systems?
    - Summary of information
    - comparison and communication about soils
    - evaluation of soils ; land suitability
        - for agriculture
        - for specific cropping systems
        - for construction
  • What are 5 characteristics of the agricultural soils in NL?
    - Large variety of soil types
    - animal husbandry across the country
    -  forage necessary for horses and ruminants
    - cultivation for economic reasons
    - increased focus on sustainable production
  • les 2 physical properties

  • Where are soils crucial for?
    For the carbon (c) cycle
  • When is a soil climate proof?
    - if it maintains more moisture
    - if the soil structure and fertility is improved
    - if it is ecologically sound and economically feasible
  • les 3 soil physics & biology

  • What are characteristics of a sandy soil?
    -poor (low nutrient state)
    -permeable (doorlaatbaar)
    -low moisture holding
    -not easy to work in
  • What are characterisitcs of a loamy (silty) soil?
    - low permeability
    -Quite fertile
    -Sensitive for erosion
    - sometimes very slippery
  • What are characterisitcs of a clay soil?
    - Rich (high nutrient status)
    - difficult to work on
    -often slippery
    -coarse structure
  • What are characteristics of a peat (veen) soil?
    - very wet
    - mostly good fertility (due to organic matter)
    - only grass is possible
    - low bearing capacity
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