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Summary Language

- Language
- Marte Ottens <3
- 2020 - 2021
- Universiteit van Amsterdam
- Psychologie
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A snapshot of the summary - Language

  • College 1: Intro

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  • What makes a language?

    1. Semanticity
    2. Arbitrariness
    3. Discreteness
    4. Generativity
    5. Displacement
    6. Grammar
  • How did the research on Meerkats in the desert suggets that the way they communicate can be called a language? How could they measure this?

    - Their language has meaning (Semanticity): Specific utterances refer to specific concepts.

    - Different tones led to different behavior (leopard alarm --> tree, eagle alarm --> bush etc)
  • How did the research on Babblers (birds) suggest that the way they communicate can be callad a language? How could they measure this?

    - The birds language seems to be built up of small, distinct, recombinable components (Discreteness).
    - This caused different behaviors, so different meanings (Semanticity?)?
  • Do these Babblers (birds) have Generativity in their language?
    Moet ik nog even opzoeken
  • Which featurs of Language are presenet in the BEE Dance?

    - Generativity
    - Displacement

    - (Not Semanticity and Discreteness???)
  • What are the two theories of how human language was created?

    - Continuity = Human language is quantitatively different from animal communication, but not qualitatively.
    - Discontinuity = Human Language has specific features that are not present in any form of animal cognition.
  • Give an argument why Chimp Nim was suggested to understand sign language?
    He could produce simple sentences as : 'Me hug cat'.
  • Give an argument why researchers were against the idea that Chimp Nim did understand sign language?
    - They believed that the monkey just learned through operant conditioning but didnt really 'speak' the sign language. (Not to communicate)
  • Give an argument why the ape Kanzi was suggested to understand spoken language by the carekeepers?
    - Kanzi could follow simple spoken commands such as: 'put soap in water'.
  • Give an argument why researchers were agianst the idea that the ape Kanzi could understand spoken language?

    - They believed that the ape just learned though immersion learning

    - They also accused the carekeepers of Clever Hans effect & Observer effects.

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