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Summary Law and Professionalism

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A snapshot of the summary - Law and Professionalism

  • 1 Professionalism and Professional Engineering

  • 1.1 Professionalism

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of Professional Engineers?
    • Demonstrating professionalism, adhering to EGBC code of ethics
    • Holding paramount the safety and health of public
    • Serving public interest
  • How should you deal with competing stakeholder interests?
    Provide informed opinions backed by sound rationale
  • 1.3 Professional Engineering

  • What are the origins for Professional Engineering to develop as a profession?
    • Printing press - impact on development and spread of knowledge
    • Industrial revolution
    • Organization and Regulation - Society of Civil Engineers, Institution of Civil Engineers, Exams
  • How is Engineering regulated in Canada?
    Self-regulated by its constituent members
    Engineers Canada - formed by provincial members such as EGBC
    Its constituents are accredited by the CEAB: Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board
    and the CEQB develops national guidelines for qualifications/professional conduct
  • How is Engineering regulated in BC?
    Through EGBC on the basis of powers provided to it by the Engineers and Geoscientists Act
  • What is the CEAB and CEQB, what are they a part of and what do they do>
    CEAB: Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board - Accredits engineering programs
    CEQB: Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board - Provides P.Eng/professional guildelines and standards of practice
  • What is the role of EGBC?
    Authorized under the Provincial Engineers and Geoscientists' Act to uphold public interest by licensing practicing individuals in BC
  • How is EGBC governed?
    By a council of elected members
    CEO reports to council and is responsible for operations
    Key committees: Registration, disciple and investigation
  • What did the Mount Polly disaster change?
    Changes to governance of ECBC - appointment of a superintendent, regulation of companies, Mandatory continuing professional developent
  • What are P. Eng requirements?
    • Canadian Citizen/permanent resident
    • Academic qualifications - accredited program/exams
    • 4 years engineering experience (1 in Canada)
    • Law and Ethics seminar
    • Professional Practice Exam
    • English Language competancy
    • Referee comments - good character
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