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Summary Lean Six Sigma & Minitab The Complete Toolbox Guide for All Lean Six Sigma Practitioners

- Quentin Brook
ISBN-10 0954681363 ISBN-13 9780954681364
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A snapshot of the summary - Lean Six Sigma & Minitab The Complete Toolbox Guide for All Lean Six Sigma Practitioners Author: Quentin Brook ISBN: 9780954681364

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  • What is Six Sigma? Name a few descriptions or definitions.
    Data driven problem solving
    Quality level 3.4 rejects per million
    Life changing philosophy
  • What happens in the Measure Phase?
    To understand and baseline the current performance of the process
    This happens through a set of relevant and robust measures (KPI)
  • What happens in the Analyse Phase?
    To find the root causes of the problem and understand/quantify their effect on process performance
  • What happens in the Improve Phase?
    To develop, select and implement the best solutions with controlled risks.
  • What happens in the Control Phase?
    To ensure the solutions are embedded the process has robust controls and the project has clear closure.
  • Why is there a decision point in the Define phase?
    Project is reviewed to assess the Define phase outputs, to see if the project is worth doing, and to commit to resources required to succeed.
  • What is a LEAN process?
    A LEAN process is one that delivers products or services that the customer wants, at a price that reflects only the value the customer is willing the pay for.
  • What do customers not want to pay for? (what happens anyway)
    Making to many products before they are needed
    Throwing away or fixing faulty product or services
    Delays or unclear communication in the process
    Wasted energy during the provision of products and services

    These costs are also called wastes
  • Name two important persons in LEAN
    J. Womack 
    D. Jones
  • Name the LEAN tools in the Define Phase
    Define value (time value maps)
    House of quality
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