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A snapshot of the summary - Lectures ANU

  • 3 Lecture 06-01-2021 Thematic intro and digestion

  • Endogenous losses examples:
    Digestive enzymes, pancreatic juices, epithelial cells, mucus, microbal protein, NAFs
  • Hindgut fermenters: Enzymatic digestion with use of:
    Animal specific enzymes
  • Types of digestive systems
    Monogastric and polygastric
  • Function jejunum and illeum (small intestine)
    Digestion and absorption of nutrients (lipids and carbohydrates)
  • Function colon in dogs
    Fermentation / microbiota (energy)
  • Function proventriculus in poultry
    HCL / pepsine start protein breakdown
  • Protein requirements for maintenance
    GIT, skin, hair, nails, organs
  • Protein requirements for production
    Milk, eggs, muscle tissue (so growth)
  • 4 Lecture 07-01-2021 Trouw nutrition guest lecture

  • What has influence on price and availability of animal feed?
    Weather conditions, bio fuel production, harvest problems, low agriculture investments
  • What stuffs are called feed cereals?
    Wheat, barley and corn
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