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Summary Lectures Human Development

- Human Development
- Sabine Spijker
- 2018 - 2019
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Biomedische Wetenschappen
485 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Lectures Human Development

  • 2 Reproductive systems

  • 2.1 a. Male reproductive system

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  • What is the difference in the amount of gametes produced by males and females?
    - Females produce 1 gamete per month
    - Males produce 0.5 billion sperm cells per day
  • What are the external genitalia in males?
    • Scrotal sac (encloses testes)
    • Penis
  • What is the pathway of the spermatozoa through the male reproductive system?
    Testis → epididymis → ductus deferens → ejaculatory duct.
  • What are the three accessory organs that secrete fluids in the ducts of the male reproductive system?
    • Seminal vesicles
    • Prostate gland
    • Bulbourethral glands
  • What are the functions of the connective tissue in the testes?
    • It supports blood and lymphatic vessels
    • It drains the efferent ductules
  • Where do the spermatozoa go to after they are produced?
    They go through the rete testis and the efferent ductules to the epididymis.
  • What are the two types of cells the seminiferous tubules contain, and what is their function in spermatogenesis?
    • Spermatogonia: stem cells involved in spermatogenesis
    • Sustentacular cells: sustain and promote development of sperm.
  • What are the two types of cells the body has, and are they haploid or diploid?
    • Somatic cells: diploid
    • Germ cells / gametes: haploid.
  • What are, in a nutshell, the three steps of mitosis?
    - Replication of chromosomes
    - Separation of the chromosomes
    - Division of the nucleus and the cytoplasm
  • How are the male germ (stem) cells called?

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