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Summary Lectures

- Allergy & autoimmunity
- M. Bergman
- 2013 - 2014
- Vrije Universiteit
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A snapshot of the summary - Lectures

  • 1 Re-visiting our immune system; Adaptive immunity:immune cells and immune regulation

  • What is the role of the immune system?
    Defense against invading pathogens
  • Name the three "organs" of the immune system:
    Mechanical bariers
    Blood circulation
    Lymphe circulation
  • What is the mechanical barrier of the immune system?
  • What is important for the lymphe circulation, regarding the organs of the immune system?
    Thymus, lymph nodes, Specialized lymphoid structures located in a variety of organs: e.g. MALT (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue)

  • What does a mastcell do?
    Expulsion of parasites from body through release of granules containing histamine and other active agents
  • What does a monocyte do?
    circulates, precursor cell to marcophage
  • What does a macrophage do?
    phagocytosis and killing of microorganisms. Activation of T cells and initiation of immune responses
  • What does a small lymphocyte do?
    produces antibodies (b cells) or cytotoxic and helper functions (T cells)
  • What is and does a plasma cell do?
    Fully differentiated form of B cell that secretes antibodies
  • What is characteristic for the innate immune responses?
    not very specific
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This summary. +380.000 other summaries. A unique study tool. A rehearsal system for this summary. Studycoaching with videos.