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  • 1 Organic Trends

  • How did organics starts?
    As a philosophical approach; healthy soil= healthy food= healthy people
  • What are the organic principles?
    - Farm as living organisms
    - Inherent fertility
    - Intrinsic linkage
    - Pragmatic
    - Principle of health
    - Principle of ecology
    - Principle of fairness
    - Principle of care
  • What does farm as living organisms mean?
    Closing of cycles (nutrients) system that is responsive and adapted to its environment
  • What does inherent fertility mean?
    A 'living soil' transfers health and vitalit to elements higher in the food chain
  • What does intrinsic linkage mean?
    An intergrated and complex system that is self regulating though dynamic processes
  • What is biodynamic agriculture?
    Anthroposophic approach based on awareness of the spiritual dimensions
  • What are the charasteristics of biodynamic agriculture?
    - Comprehensive and intergrated (mixed) farming system
    - Animal welfare
    - Site-specific rotations: rooting & soil feeding characteristics
    - Use of seeding and harvesting calendar
    - Use of organic amendments to vitalize the soil
    - Use of special preparations to enhance soul humus formations and composting processes
    - Special certification label
    - Globally 142,482 ha certified as biodynamic
  • What are the market trends in organic agriculture?
    - Most products sold in supermarkets
    - Diversification of marketing strategies
    - Food processed/consumed in developed regions
  • What are opportunities and threats when most products are sold in supermarkets?
    - Allow efficient marketing and distribution
    - Facillitates growth and expansion
    - Increased specialization, intensification and price pressure
    - Biases towards large scale production
    - Risk of conventionalization of organic food networks
  • What are the opportunities with diversification of marketing strategies?
    - Increased adaptive capacity
    - Improved resilience of organic farmers and food networks
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