Summary Logistics: principles and practice Book cover image

Summary Logistics: Principles And Practice

- H M Visser, et al
ISBN-10 9081649116 ISBN-13 9789081649117
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A snapshot of the summary - Logistics: principles and practice Author: H M Visser, A R van Goor ISBN: 9789081649117

  • 1 Logistics subsystems

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  • 1.1 introduction to logistics

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  • What four problems do organizations face due to their suppliers?
    Delivering goods late 
    Delivering the wrong goods 
    delivering a shipment to the wrong address
    providing bad service after the goods have arrived
  • What three problems do organizations face duo to their own fault?
    Bad layout in the warehouse 
    inventory fails to correspond with its administration
    machines kept idle because they lack raw materials
  • What 2 problems do organizations face due to their clients?
    Complaining about missing goods on delivery 
    refusing to pay, because the orde is incomplete
  • 1.2 Historical development of logistics

  • Out of which flows does the discipline of logistics exist?
    The flow of goods
    the flow of data
    the flow of money
  • 1.3 logistics subsystems

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  • What is the best way to represent a physical flow? And how does it work?
    A black box. 
    Something goes in on one side and something with added value comes out on the other side.
  • What is business logistics?
    Business logistics is the general term for all activities performed to control the incoming and outgoing flow of goods.
  • What is material management?
    Material management compromises all activities undertaken to feed the efficient flow of raw materials and semi-finished products.
  • Out of which four subsystems does material management exist?
    1. Purchasing
    2. Inventory control of raw materials, resources and semi-finished products
    3. Production planning and managing the execution of plans
    4. Materials handling
  • What are the three subsystems of physical distribution?
    1. Inventory control of finished products
    2. Decisions regarding warehousing and depots
    3. External transport
  • What are inventory costs and what are transport costs?
    Inventory costs are the interest costs related to capital tied up in present inventory.
    transport costs are costs referring to the external transport between manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

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